Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh Susannah!

As an Earth Monkey, as in year of, I'm a sucker for frolicky fun, funny sex & of course pinched nipples, lapping tongues, and sweaty backseats. Susannah Indigo's new piece on Clean Sheets, The Year of Fucking Badly tickled this monkey's fancy with all of the above.

"It's sort of a scavenger hunt for bad sex, Holly," I try to explain to my upstairs neighbor and lover. We're buried deep under her pink comforter eating chocolate chip cookies the next night. Holly is the Martha Stewart of my love life -- candlelight and cookies and flowers all the time. Some nights just walking into her place is better than actual sex. She's a Dragon -- as into mind-touching as body-touching.

"Sometimes I have bad sex with myself," Holly offers. "You know, those nights when even your own fingers bore you to death?"

"Bad sex for one? Sounds like something Stouffers would make."

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