Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love All Ways

by KM

Listening to The Parlor Mob in my car got me thinking. This song, “Tide of Tears,” it’s just so bluesy and hot and sexy. The band is from New Orleans & wrote the song about Hurricane Katrina -- not sexy, but the music itself is very soulful. I imagined myself dressing up a little. Then dressing down a lot. I thought about my gritty, dark, unfinished basement with the gigantic sound system and the massive speakers my guy built himself long ago that still have awesome sound. And then I looked up the song and holy fuck! There they are – the Mobsters – all 70s like and Zeppelin-ish and sexy with that wild hair and rocking out in…..their basement!

The sound quality on youtube isn’t anything compared to their album, but you get the idea. Now being the naughty pervert that I am, I didn’t imagine going down to my basement and listening to this song with my guy while sitting next to him in a chair. I imagined him in the chair….and me doing a little striptease, candles here and there, the music just blaring.

So I will….soon. I’ll barge in on him while he’s down there rowing on his muscle machine or sanding wood. How rude! I’ll wear his velvet coat from high school – the one with a matching velvet bow tie. I’ll have on thin white lace-topped stockings and white lace boy shorts. Silver platform shoes. A spiky pink wig. Thick, glossy pink lipstick. Dark, black eyeliner. Shimmer lotion on my stomach and thighs. A pink vinyl skirt. A black lace tank. Mix & Match the generations, you know?

I didn’t want to visit a "Gentleman’s Club" because I like girls. Well yes, I do love girls, I mean, we’re fucking awesome. Yes? Of course we are! What I mean is, I didn’t want to go because women turn me on. Well, that’s not true either. Love All Ways is the best life philosophy I’ve ever heard. We should just all get along and fuck. Yes? Of course we should! Women are incredibly erotic. Anyway, you know what I mean. I wanted to go to a strip club to pop my cherry with a new experience – everyone has the right to a new experience, no matter the phase of life, right? Si? Oh yes! I also wanted to check out the moves…..so I could put them to good use. I’ve thought about doing the dance thing for him at a hotel, etc., but with music piped through what? The hotel alarm clock? Little iPod speakers? Uh, no. One needs club quality stereo components for a good show.

My favorite one was the sweet but edgy dark-haired dancer. She was a bit on the soft side with beautiful natural breasts, tats, full red lips, large dark, sweet eyes, and shiny flapper girl black bobbed hair. She did lots of balance tricks like handstands and stuff. She was a real girl. She fell a couple of times during split-legged handstands and swore. She danced to Chick Habit, the song I remember from Tarantino's Death Proof. I thought she was both very sweet and very hot. My friend threw some money down in front of me. The girl shimmied over to where I was seated at the edge of the stage and did a headstand in my lap. Later she did a wild acrobatic move and flung her skirt over my head before she shimmied right on out of her clothes. She invited us up to the bar. “Hey, you girls wanna buy me a shot? God, I’m having trouble sticking those handstands and I could really use some liquid courage.”

Whew. Me too.

So the three of us girls threw back a shot of something sharp and strong and burning, and the show went on.

Way down deep in the basement, in that thickly walled space with no rules, no limitations, no restrictions, no expectations, I can be myself. We can be ourselves. Just grooving and moving to the beat, loving all ways.

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