Monday, August 25, 2008

Hot Cheating Wives

Got your attention?

Well, it's not a total lie. I'm hot because the oven was cranked while I baked delectables. I'm cheating because I cheated. And yep, I am indeed a red rubber spatula-weilding wife.

It's August you know, and the zucchini jokes are rampant, but I kind of feel sorry for them. Those tender, sweet, phallic squashes are very healthy after all (1 cup has 35% of the day's vitamin c requirement! Go Zukes!) and delicious any way you cook them.
So I was wandering about Trader Joe's grocery and spotted a boxed banana bread mix. I had a monster zucchini staring me down on my counter for a week saying, (in a very deep, sexy voice) "shred me if you dare and bake me into a loaf. Then slather me with butter and weep tears of sweet joy over my tender crumb-laden cakiness." But I seem to have only 10 minutes at a stretch lately, so I procrastinated. Bad girl! But then along comes miss box-o-banana. So I shredded that big daddy and added a couple of cups of zuke shreds to the boxed banana wonderment mix and voila!

Mmm. Yum. Tastes all the way homemade, especially with the final secret ingredient: chopped nuts.

For the faithful wifey wife types, here's a chocolate zucchini cake recipe for the ages. I recommend dark chocolate buttercream frosting or cinnamon streusel topping.
The zucchini helps keep the cake moist

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