Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Funny sexy

Librarians are sexy. Funny people are sexy too, at least I think so.

Looking forward to Ben Stiller's latest spoof Tropic Thunder -- A movie spoof within a movie within....

Q. Where did you come up with the character of Kirk Lazarus and his controversial repigmentation process?

STILLER We were looking for something that somebody would do, that would be going a little bit too far. One of those things where you go, Is this right or is this wrong?

THEROUX Who’s going to be the way-too-serious guy, that guy who’s going to refuse to drop character? And then what’s the next step?

STILLER And also the extremes to which an actor will go to play a part — losing weight, gaining weight. Sometimes it overtakes the idea of the performance.

THEROUX It becomes a weird kind of dysmorphia.

Q. Did you ever get a note from the studio asking: “Can this character be played by a black actor? Or can you not do this at all?”

STILLER There was never a note about the character, ever, in that way. He was always an Irishman, and then when Downey came on, he decided to play him Australian because he said he could improvise better in Australian. I don’t know where that came from.

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