Monday, August 4, 2008

Don't be caught dead.....

Photo by Perry Gallagher

The deed is done. No mas underduds. Slowly but surely, I've amassed an army of PANTIES!!!! OK, I saved three pairs for hiking, but I'm thinking about buying a dozen of these for outdoor adventures.

Remember what Mom said about how you should always wear clean undies/panties because you might get hit by a truck? Here's another reason.

Up a Creek, No Paddle
Flash! by KM

Chris knew he should have told her before the doors shut. Before there was no way out. Now he was trapped here with her, trapped with her and with this problem. He’d messed it all up. Doubly screwed himself. Flubbed the presentation and now this. Jesus, was it his fault that the CEO from the potential client company looked like a dude and no one bothered to clue him in?

Eileen didn’t throw him a rope when he made an ass of himself calling the bitch “Sir” a hundred times. It didn’t matter now. Either way, his career was toast. Eileen glared at him from inside her jet blue suit and from beneath her severely parted hair. She stared him down hard, silently slashing at him with invisible knives. Sweat pooled in his armpits.

He felt sick. Eileen’s skin looked alien green in the fluorescent lights. She ran a black tipped fingernail along the bottom edge of her purple death star lips. Chris pulled on his saffron silk tie and shifted his weight. God, this was like one of those questions you see in a newspaper advice column. “Dear Mother May I: Am I morally obligated to ???.” Well? Tick tock. Time was running out. “Should I tell her? Yes. No. Yes. No. Let someone else do it. That would be mean. Mean people suck. Do the right thing. Should. Shouldn't.”

Eileen stood pencil straight, looking around at the others with disdain, so certain that she walked the earth as a giant amongst farm animals. Finally the doors opened. Eileen stomped out of the elevator, pushing the mail guy out of the way to get through the door first. She turned right. Chris turned left. He felt light on his feet.

Before she disappeared, he took one last peek, watching her prance to her office, huffing mad, her skirt hung up in an ugly pair of white Hanes briefs, briefs! her skinny white ass shining brightly through a ragged hole in the right cheek.

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