Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wild harvest

Straddling a moss-covered nurse log, the only sounds that of birds and water music from the creek at the bottom of the ravine, I felt transported back in time. Red Huckleberries dangled everywhere, nipple-colored and tart, just begging to be baked in a pie. I picked for five hours, finally filling my bucket with six cups of the precious wild harvest.

Huckleberries have delicate spreading branches and twisty trunks. Their fluttering leaves, bright green bark, and angular growth pattern adds an Asian elegance to the forest. They make me think of Haiku. Sensual Haiku.

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Neve Black said...

I love huckleberry jam. When I lived in Seattle, I could get my hands on it, or into it, or spreading it...oh, never mind.

I miss those damn yummy berries.

Thanks for the reminder. ;-)