Monday, August 18, 2008

Chasing tail

"History chases its tail."

How very true. This post is fascinating to read & I love Debauchette's blog. I just bought a book called "The Art of Kissing" from the 1930s but I haven't read it yet.....the scoop on that juiciness (or not!) later.

Today I am own tail in a new pair of Chuck T's. A black pair and a very sexy plaid pair jumped into my cart along with four boxes of delicious Mirado Black Warrior pre-sharpened pencils. I was supposed to be buying nothing but groceries and school supplies. I had to man-handle a massive list of items that my taxes no longer cover such as 5,000 glue sticks, a few hundred crayons, rulers, pee-chees, and 1-inch, not 1-1/2-inch (focus, read the fine print!) binders into the cart, but these other pretty things, they just jumped right in. I have a thing for pencils and pens and paper. And shoes. And kissing.

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