Thursday, July 31, 2008

Your lips tender and fierce

Eyes wide open

What do you see? What do you see when you look at me? Mirror me with your voice. Tell me how I taste. Am I sweet? Am I salty? Somewhere in between? Do you like it when I taste like you? I love it when you taste like me. I love to lick my moisture from your skin. Tell me what I look like when I pull myself open with my fingers, blossoming to reveal my true self just for you.

Tell me what I look like when I lift my dress to get into the car, when you know there is only bare, wet skin beneath the thin fabric. Skin that is mine, but really yours. Yours to wrap yourself in when you're cold and douse yourself with when you're hot. Am I beautiful down there? Is the sight of my wet pussy in the morning light as arousing to you as the sight of your cock rising at dawn is to me? Do you want to touch me there when I do that? When I flash you in broad daylight? Do you want to lean my seat back, pop my buttons, hike up my hem and fuck me right there in traffic?

Tell me where to touch you. Tell me what to do. I'll do whatever you say. I'll lick you anywhere, everywhere. Talk dirty in my ear. Tell me I'm naughty. Dip your finger in my sex and paint me with my juice. Coat my breasts with your hot pearly cum and slide across my skin. Drench me in your own special lube of cum and sweat and saliva.

I love to watch you when you hold my breasts, pushing them up from the bottom into your hungry mouth, your lips around my nipples. I never close my eyes. I enjoy you there, watching you pleasure me, your lips tender and fierce. I love to see your masculine form against my female form, man and woman satisfying one another shamelessly. What do you see when I look up at you? What does it look like when my lips wrap around your smooth, silken skinned cock, my tongue gliding across your sensitive skin, it's only purpose to satisfy you in that moment? Do you enjoy looking down between your legs and seeing me there, my eyes looking up at you, longing for you, needing you? Are my breasts beautiful with your balls pressed against them? Tell me. Does it look like art?

Tell me what I look like when my legs are spread wide open and you are licking my pussy beneath the thin blanket, late on a Sunday morning after a long shower, the light soft through our bedroom window. Does it make you hard, my slippery pink flesh like food, soft with nectar, glistening in the diffused light? Do you want to lose yourself in me? Do you want to stay there forever?

Tell me I'm a bad girl when you spank me with your bare hand. Tell me my punishment is your hard dick in my ass. Tell me how naughty I am. Pull me tight against you when you say it and hold me by my breasts. Dig your fingers into my belly and pull me by my hair. Hurt me just a little, just enough.

I love how your balls feel in my mouth, their firm softness, their strength. I love knowing that I am satisfying you, that you are responding to me, my energy, my expressions of desire and lust. Do you like it when I moan your name, tell you to fuck me harder? Do you enjoy watching my tongue slide up and down your cock, my lips, my mouth, my entire body created to bring you pleasure? Does it make you want to fuck all over again when I release myself from your cock and little drops of cum cling to the corners of my mouth? I love it when you cum in my mouth, your cock shuddering against my lips. I love to rise up on my knees and lean against your chest, tilt my head back slightly and swallow slowly so you can watch me take in your sweet essence. Tell me what I look like at that moment. At every moment.

Tell me more. Tell me everything. Never close your eyes.


Jeremy Edwards said...





Ahhh ...

Um, sorry ... what was the question? ; )

Craig Sorensen said...

Hi Kirsten.

Loved this. It was poetic, personal, and very sexy.

Thanks for sharing it!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments!