Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wicked f*ng chord

Photo from House of Guitars:

Craig Sorensen's new erotica piece GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) on Clean Sheets is awesome. It's got wicked f*ing chords, hot f*ing riffs, and even some crashing symbols -- check it out!

We hooked up in my room. She asked me to play a slow song, one of the ballads, yeah, it was the song Gaslamp. You know the one? Instrumental track from the third album, a long song that we didn't ever play on stage. It just never fit the show. Anyway, I played on my 58 ½ through a cheap little backstage amp. She did this slow, sexy dance. Christ, I've never seen the likes.

OK, back to commando scrubbing.....


Craig Sorensen said...

First, I love the image, Kirsten. What a sexy rock-n-roll picture!

I'm honored that you posted this. Thank you so much!


Kirsten Monroe said...

My extreme pleasure! Great story.