Monday, July 14, 2008

When flesh becomes light

"I was hanging out with a bunch of fools yesterday and there was a baby in our midst.The baby liked me best out of everyone.IN YOUR FACE A-HOLES!"
What's there not to love about Merkley? The knitting photo above is his. His blog is here:

I'm working on a story about sex and Nirvana. It's barely created and not ready for human consumption yet.

Until then, this gorgeous poem about enlightenment at Clean Sheets: Communion by Fiona MacLaren . Oh, and a recipe for a refreshing cuke salad that is a little bit like sex. Simple, beautiful, and a bit tangy with just enough coolness to temper the fire without putting it out completely.

Garden of Good and Plenty Cucumber-Mint Salad

2 long, hard cukes, peeled seeded and chopped (peel slowly, no, even slower than that)
One 5.3-oz container Greek-style yogurt
Handful crumbled Feta cheese (Go ahead and lick your fingers....)
Juice of one lemon (roll the fruit between your thighs until it is warm and slightly softened for easy squeezing)
12 mint leaves, thinly sliced, plus more for garnish. Rub damp, minted hands on breasts and ass for a refreshing, natural perfume.
Salt & Pepper (Bam!)

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