Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lab coats, lap dancers, and hormones, Oh My!

I just love scientists. They're always out there exploring and answering life's most intriguing questions, such as "why do lap dancers make more tips when they are ovulating?" Thank God! That one has been driving me insane! I've always speculated that it was because they were bitchy and demanded more. "What! $2 in change? You fucking bastard! Bouncer! Throw this asshole out!" But's much more mysterious and lovely than that.

A new study finds that women who are at the peak time of fertility in their menstrual cycle may have changes in their voices that make them sound more attractive.
The study, which
appears online in Evolution and Human Behavior, was done by R. Nathan Pipitone and Gordon G. Gallup Jr. of the State University of New York at Albany.
The researchers recorded voice samples from about 50 undergraduate women at four times in their menstrual cycle. Then they asked 34 men and 32 women to listen to the recordings and rate them in terms of attractiveness.

On the surface, the recordings were not terribly sexy. The women were asked to count from 1 to 10. But they must have been doing something different when they were closest to ovulating, because that was when they received the highest ratings, the researchers said.
Part of the explanation may lie in the fact that the larynx changes both its shape and size in response to hormones related to reproduction.

The findings are in keeping with earlier research showing that the voice can convey a good amount of information about sexual desirability. Sexual encounters do tend to occur in the dark, but even when the lights are on, the voice plays a big role. The study, the researchers said, might help explain earlier research finding that lap dancers make the best tips when they are ovulating.


Donna said...

Hey KM, what a lovely blog--and I mean that literally, candy for the eye as well as the literary ear. Or maybe you're just ovulating right now and have me all enchanted ;-)?

Perhaps there isn't as much difference between scientists and artists as we're led to believe. Whoever wrote the grant for this experiment must have been very skillful with words.

KM said...

Thanks so much Donna! It's great to have you stop by. I couldn't tell you whether I'm ovulating or not...I should pay closer attention...might explain a few mysteries!