Saturday, July 26, 2008

(Gastro)Sexual Mealing

Forget about the murse, the manicure, and the moisturizer. The latest in metrosexual musings, according to a recent article in London's "Daily Mail" is the rise of the Gastrosexual -- dudes who cook as a hobby to impress their friends and score with the ladies.

Here's the funny part:

"Interestingly the findings indicate men's new found enthusiasm for the kitchen does not mean they are interested in other household chores.

Cooking is a passion for the Gastrosexual - over half of men say they consider it to be a hobby and not a chore, compared with only 40 per cent of women.

Professor Howard added: 'Being actively involved in cooking means that you're a good modern man playing your part in making the household run efficiently. Cooking is actually a more rewarding and creative form of domestic contribution.'"

Well yeah, duh. Of course it's more fun to cook than say, scrub brown scum from the toilet, clean unrecognizable life forms from the fridge, or mop the dirt the gastropod tracks in every time he gathers fancy cooking herbs from his potager. But somebody has to do the dirty work. I agree though, men who chop, measure, and saute are sexy. about you keep on cookin', you hot cuisinartsy gastrohunkasexual, you -- as long as you'll help make my chores more fun -- say fuck me from behind while I'm going to town on your porcelain throne with my magic sponge....and then we trade. Tit for tat. Deal?


Craig Sorensen said...

I have cooked since before my voice changed. I've scrubbed the toilet, done the dishes (not at the same time, though.) I've done hundreds of pounds of laundry in a sitting, cleaned out the fridge, scrubbed the caked on crusties from the oven.

The list goes on.

These hobby chefs are a bunch of pansies. ;-)

Neve Black said...

Hi Kirsten,
I have the same image on my myspace page, that I rarely ever go to. Funny.

Nice piece on gastro-sexual mealing and ahem, healing.

I've just added you to my blog roll.

Keep on, writing. ;-)