Monday, June 30, 2008

par avion

At this moment I am gazing upon something too exquisite for words. As soon as I discovered "Naked Chicks on Post-It Notes," drawn by Chris, a West London artist, I fell in love. They're just amazing. Jane thinks so too. Just today he posted "The animated one in the bath" that was drawn in 41 frames. Oh. My. God!

Riven with need (thanks for that word Alison Tyler -- and Stephen Elliott) I wrote to Chris with an inquiry about originals. They arrived today in a fat white envelope stamped "par avion," having been air mailed to me from the Greenford/Windsor Mail Centre. The postage stamp is "The Mummy" poster. Very cool! Air mail itself is sexy enough, but to peel open the sticky lip and hold the original artwork in your hand....

Chris also has another site -- Naked Pigeons on Post-It Notes. Divine! Pigeon porn never looked so good. I ordered "Scowl" and I love the heart-shaped lines that form his beak.

Thank you Chris!

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