Monday, June 30, 2008


Thank you to The Erotic Woman for publishing a second piece. They are absolutely great to work with and I am very appreciative.

by Kirsten M.
We met at a used bookstore in the nearby village where I keep a small apartment. He is dark-featured and intense with deep blue eyes. I love his eccentric personality, his starkness, his certainty, even his self-absorbed coolness. The ritual began one night after some wine when the professor asked permission to wash my hair. Then he asked to trim it. Just a trim. Just a little.


Jeremy Edwards said...

we are consumed by one another’s flame, emptied and filled simultaneously

That's one of the most striking erotic clauses I've ever read! It just sums the human sexual experience up so beautifully.

KM said...

Thank you Jeremy! What a nice compliment. I'm never really know/trust that what I write "works." Thanks for taking the time to comment!