Friday, June 20, 2008

More Noodle!

Aurora Borealis
by KM
Part 2

The three talked about tomorrow’s plans and passed around a flask of brandy and a bar of dark chocolate. Robin and Eric zipped their bags together and slipped out of their outer layers of clothing, snuggling in silk long johns.

Kelli blew out the lanterns and settled into her bag, sliding out of her shorts and t-shirt and tucking them into her pillow. She enjoyed the feeling of the satiny fabric on her bare skin. Moonlight shone blue inside the tent as a light breeze gently shook the thin walls.

After the sounds of arranging comfort had ceased, Kelli began the explorations that started with those delightful noodles. She managed to bring herself to one silent but gleeful orgasm and lay there in the dark waiting for her cue.

“Shhhh. You’ll wake her up. Here. Touch me here.”

Then the voices quieted and Kelli heard only muffled rustling noises. In the dim blue light, she could barely make out movement in the puffy mound across from her.

Right on schedule.

Flicking on her small flashlight, Kelli reached for her book and flipped onto her stomach. The rustling stopped. Then a long sigh. She turned off her light and settled back down until the mound began humping again. She flipped the light back on and started reading. Again, silence. Again, she turned off her light. The fourth time, she heard Eric snort with frustration.

Kelli began laughing hysterically.

Time to go for it.

Kelli slipped out of her cocoon and stood up, her breasts, hips and ass a gorgeous silhouette.

Running her hands over her breasts and down her sides, she spread her legs wide and stood over the mound, Robin now giggling.

“You two aren’t going to leave me out are you? You said I give good noodle, Eric, remember?”

Robin sat up and lit one of the lanterns, the flame rising to reveal her bare breasts and dark, erect nipples. She hooked the lantern on the ceiling loop and turned to Eric, who was staring wide-eyed and disbelieving at Kelli. Robin’s mouth turned up in a mischievous grin. “Yeah Eric. Two for the price of one.”

“Uh, serious? Really? Fuck! OK, so yeah.” Eric stumbled over his words, confused by the sudden turn of events, perhaps slightly undone by female domination.

“Shut up, Eric,” Robin said. “Strip him Kelli.”

Eric looked stunned, then shook his head, his face boyishly illuminated with an unbelieving smile. Kelli reached down and pulled his silk thermal shirt up and over Eric’s head, revealing a lean, muscular torso, old school Navy tattoos -- waves and mermaids and fiery sea dragons visible across his broad shoulders and down his back in the candlelight.

“Pants honey,” Robin cooed. “Off with the pants, baby. Let’s see your long John.”

Kelli and Robin each took a pant leg and slid his thermals down, leaving Eric bound at the ankles.

Kelli situated herself sideways facing Robin against Eric’s chest. Robin took Eric’s already rock hard cock in her hand while Kelli stroked his balls, both of them sucking on his nipples and nibbling at his neck and ears. Eric’s hips rocked between them.

“Well,” Kelli whispered, as she nibbled at Eric’s ear and blew warm air onto his neck. “Looks like our little Eric’s about to become a man.”

Eric quickly rolled over and straddled Kelli, pulling her arms above her head and pinning them there. He kissed her navel, letting his tongue linger on her diamond belly piercing. She moaned as he pressed his cock between her breasts, thrusting slowly, one hand holding her wrists, the other sliding between her legs to part her swollen lips.

“You naughty, naughty girls,” Eric finally said, his voice taking on a darker tone. “How dare you call me a boy.”

Before Robin realized what he was up to, Eric was off of Kelli and up one knee. He grabbed Robin and pulled her over the top of his bent knee, her small, tight ass glowing in the lantern light. “Go ahead Kelli,” he said. “You want kinky? Go ahead and show Robin what happens to naughty girls.”

“Put me down,” shrieked Robin, arms and legs flailing. Eric reached a long arm around her torso, holding her still, one hand squeezing a breast and the other around one thigh.

“Sorry Robin,” Kelli said, heated to the core by Eric’s masculine display. “But you have been very naughty. You were going to leave me out.”

Slap! Kelli spanked Robin hard, sending them into another giggling fit. Slap! “You are so bad.” Slap!

Robin twisted around, holding Kelli by the shoulders and kissed her fully on the mouth, Kelli’s hair falling across her shoulders.

As the women embraced, Eric entered Robin from behind, his cock unbearably sensitive from the sheer shock and awe.

“Take that vixen.”

Kelli wrapped her arms around Robin’s waist and massaged her still-stinging ass. She flicked her tongue across Robin’s small firm breasts, swirling it in tight circles around each erect nipple, Robin moaning with pleasure as she slid her fingers delicately across Kelli’s hard clit. Eric continued to thrust deeply, driving Robin to the edge. Robin exploded in a fireball of orgasm, her legs quivering from the release.

"Mmmmm yum," Robin sighed. "Everything tastes better at high altitude."

Eric pulled out quickly before cumming and pushed Kelli into the soft pile of bags. He straddled her and spread her legs wide, pushing his cock up onto her stomach, enjoying the sensation of the cool air across it and hot flesh pressing against it. He took Kelli’s breasts in his mouth and sucked them hard. Robin knew what Eric wanted next. She lubed her hand in her cum and sucked on his balls as she pushed a drenched finger deep into his ass. Eric groaned and pressed up on all fours, entering Kelli, her wet pussy screaming with desire. Robin continued to lick and suck, teasing Eric’s ass with her hands. Kelli yelled out and pressed up with her hips as Eric continued to suck and rub her sensitive breasts. Waves of pleasure washed over her as her pussy devoured Eric’s cock, the northern lights lighting up the sky like a hallucinogenic wet dream.

Eric held back once more and rolled onto his back, his cock throbbing. Kelli slid her mouth over it, enjoying her own delicious taste as she pushed it deep into her mouth, one hand grasping the base of it firmly, the other massaging the smooth skin between his dick and ass. Kelli continued to mouth massage and lick Eric's balls, her tongue exploring every last inch of him.

Kelli lifted her mouth from Eric’s cock for a moment and blew hot air across the tip, stroking the length of it, the licking the sensitive front. Eric moaned desperately as Kelli teased him unmercifully, alternating between blowing and licking. At last she pushed it deep into her mouth. Eric arched his back and felt himself explode into a million little pieces. Kelli held his pulsing cock firmly in her mouth, ribbons of cum sliding down her throat just as she had fantasized about earlier.

The three lay spent on the thick pile of sleeping bags silently for a few moments, hunger and thirst quenched, drenched with sweat and cum, their desire for sleep washed away by lust.

Kelli stood up and unzipped the tent door, emerging into the rainbow of shimmering northern lights, a billion stars winking at her naked form. She raised her arms and breathed in the sweet, fresh air, appreciating life’s simplest pleasures – and already anticipating the adventures tomorrow would bring.

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