Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Give Good Noodle

Aurora Borealis
Part 1
by KM

Kelli sat in the middle of her sleeping bag cross-legged and closed her eyes. She thought the most delicious, orgasmic thoughts while sucking another fat noodle from the dish of steaming broth out of the bowl cradled in her hands. The label on the small Styrofoam dish said simply, “Lao pho (Beef Noodle),” with directions to add boiling water and stir after ten minutes. But the way it tasted at that moment, it might as well been the finest street food in all of Bangkok.

She thought about how the noodles sliding down her throat reminded her of swallowing ribbons of cum, her lips wrapped ever so carefully around the smooth hardness of a throbbing cock so as to not miss a drop. She thought about a man’s tongue lingering over the diamond stud in her navel. She thought about burrowing deep into her down sleeping bag after the candle lanterns were blown out. She thought about rubbing her hands quietly down her tired thighs to gently explore the warm, wet spaces between them. She thought about the sensation of oiled hands caressing her from head to toe, tender and loving one moment, rough and demanding the next. She thought about how good it would feel to give in to her own singular pleasure.

Similar kinky thoughts hovered silently but expectantly between each of them as the hiking partners ended the day with a meal. The sun had already begun its descent into a sea somewhere far away as they pulled the last of their gear inside, purple alpenglow spreading across the sky.

They’d spent the day hiking the first leg of a three-day back country trek through the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming. After nearly eight hours of hiking and climbing, they finally set up camp, every muscle begging for sustenance.

Robin and Eric were lost in their own food fantasies across from Kelli, propped up against their packs on the other side of the tent. The light from their candle lanterns cast long shadows across their faces.

“This lasagna is to die for.” Robin’s dark brown eyes were closed, her small chin tilted heavenward, her short dark hair slightly matted in front from sweat, spiked against her small freckled forehead, while she chewed luxuriously. “Food of the Gods! Pure heaven!” An impish athletic woman, Robin had the coiled up energy of a panther. Half-Cuban, she also had a fiery streak to match.

Eric, tall and muscular with short hair and blond Norwegian good looks, was too enthralled in his foil bag of reconstituted beef stroganoff to even speak. He knew the women could carry the perceived need for conversation without him anyway.

Kelli pushed her lips together around a noodle and sucked slowly, teasing it into her mouth, making a little pleasure noise in her throat as it went down. Blond spirals hung around her face.

“Damn Kelli, you give good noodle,” chuckled Eric.

“Oh yeah, Mr. Stroking Off,” laughed Robin, punching him playfully in the arm.

“Hey, I’ll take what I can get, “Eric retorted. “Just add water works for me.”

Robin and Kelli caught each other’s eyes. Robin winked. So far so good.

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