Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brazilian anyone?

Brazil Nuts
A true tale of pleasure and pain
Names changed to protect the not-so-innocent

by Kirsten M.

I didn’t disagree with him that it could be fun, but when my boyfriend wanted to shave me, it made me a little nervous. With all the sweet sincerity in the world, he showed up at my place with a shiny new razor and women’s hypoallergenic shaving cream. He also brought me flowers and a small carton of my favorite ice cream -- Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia – a sweet cool lick to enjoy while he shaved. It really was just adorably sweet.

The thing is, he was a total klutz! How could I let him get anywhere near my precious pink palace with a blade? He always had a razor cut on his chin or his neck. But I also wanted to make him happy and of course I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. So we worked out a compromise.

“Honey, I would love to get all creamy and kinky with you, but maybe a spa would be best. How about I find a nice place where I can get a nice massage and a wax,” I suggested. This was in the early 1990s and the terms ‘Brazilian’ and ‘Landing Strip’ weren’t all that common amongst regular folks back then. You know, before “Sex and the City.” It was just waxing. Wax on. Wax off.

My boyfriend wavered. “Well OK, but it’s really sexy to think about, you know, participating.”

“Maybe they’ll let you watch. I’ve heard that waxing has the smoothest result and lasts the longest. Your tongue and your dick will appreciate the difference!”

“Good point,” he said, sounding just a little disappointed. “All right baby, go for it. Don’t forget to ask if I can watch…..maybe they’ll let me distract you by sucking on your tits while they wax.”

“Nice try. I’ll check out some places. There is one thing though lover. If I get mine done……will you get yours done? There’s nothing hotter than nice smooth balls and a clean silky ass.”

My boyfriend, who I’ll call Danny, just stared at me for a moment before responding.

“I can’t. I mean....Fuck! God, it will hurt like hell. I might pass out or something.”

“What do you think it will feel like to me? Pass out? Come on pussy boy. We won’t go to some backstreet wax murderer. I’ll find us a professional spa.”

“I’ll make sure they pamper your furry little sack.”

He didn’t answer. Since silence means yes, I went ahead with the plans.

I checked the paper and the yellow pages, but all the spas around town seemed so vanilla. I really wanted something special. I wanted something with flair. And I promised Danny special treatment.

I asked my friends at work and checked with classmates in the evening college classes I was taking at the time for suggestions. They rattled off the usual places. Then I spotted an interesting ad in the alternative newspaper. Unfortunately, the place is no longer in business, but I think it was called Avalon. The ad read something like “Avalon Therapy Spa. Waxing. Massage. Uniquely qualified to bring out your inner beauty.”

When I called to get more information I hesitantly explained Danny’s desire to “watch” the procedure. The receptionist was very helpful. I asked a million questions and she answered them all. A Brazilian, I was informed, was what we wanted. And by paying cash, I could get the full meal deal. By the time I’d hung up, I knew I’d found the perfect spa. I made an appointment immediately.

Danny was nervous as hell, but he was determined to go through with it – for me – and for those sexy Brazil nuts I was aching for. The Avalon Spa certainly didn’t look like much. I felt a little queasy when we walked up. It was in a strip mall in a decent, but nondescript part of town sandwiched between a donut shop and a stationary store.

We walked in and were greeted by a 20-something receptionist casually dressed in a brightly colored tunic, her dark hair wrapped in a cotton head scarf. I slipped the girl the envelope of cash as we’d discussed on the phone. Soon we were called in for our appointment and taken down a long hallway.

Turning into the treatment room, the world seemed to open up. We were led through an arched doorway to an inner sanctuary. The walls glittered with brightly painted Greek murals. Wall fountains bubbled. A large round inset spa filled the center of the room. Off to one side were two large treatment tables covered with soft white terry.

“Where are we?” Danny looked around the room like he’d been beamed to another planet.

“I splurged,” I said. “I ordered the deluxe package.”

Danny cocked his head and raised his eyebrows. I didn’t realize until I saw them walk in across the room that Danny’s canine head tilt wasn’t for me but for our aestheticians.

“Welcome to Avalon,” chimed a tall busty brunette with the thickest, wildest head of hair I’d ever seen. “I’m Tania. This is Julian. We’re going to start with a mineral soak, let you two get nice and relaxed. Then we’ll wax and follow up with our famous sensual massage. Enjoy the soak. Enjoy one another….we just ask that you don’t get too crazy and splash water everywhere. Don’t ask. We’ve seen it all.”

Tania was barefoot and dressed in a tight white cotton wrap dress with a plunging neckline. She had cherry blossoms tattooed across her chest. Julian wore nothing but soft white cotton drawstring pants and was obviously commando beneath them.

Danny gripped my hand. Then he smiled.

Tania and Julian handed us towels and terry robes, lit candles, dimmed the lights and told us we had 30 minutes to soak together before the waxing.

Danny and I slid into the hot spa, spacey new age music in the background, the scent of hippie candles perfuming the air. It was strange and groovy and sexy all at the same time.

Danny’s cock was knocking at my door as soon as we got into the water. It was almost like skinny dipping in public, even though we were alone. He teased my wet breasts with his mouth and slid inside slowly – careful not to splash. The high mineral and salt content of the water in the soaking tub made us extra buoyant. The extreme weightlessness of our bodies only made the sensual gliding feeling of floating and sliding across one another all the more erotic. We fucked slowly, our mouths locked in a deep, sweet kiss for a long time, enjoying a long, deep orgasm together.

Right on schedule, Tania and Julian returned with a polite knock at the door. We wrapped ourselves in the thick cottony robes and they directed us to the waxing tables.

I gave Danny a quick kiss and whispered encouragement.

Julian explained the procedure to me while Tania took Danny under her wing. I smiled when I looked over and saw her leaning seductively over him, her breasts grazing his bare torso as she adjusted her lamp.

I sighed with pleasure as Julian slowly rubbed oil between my legs, across my pubic area and between my ass cheeks. Then he sprinkled talcum powder all over to prevent the wax from sticking to my skin. With a large wooden stick, he began spreading warm honey-colored wax onto my carefully prepped pussy. Here we go. The fully Monty.

“Are you ready beautiful?” he said. “Deep breath. The pain is temporary.”

Fuck! With three, four, five quick rips, he stripped me bare, the pain translating into red hot flashes in my mind. Julian squeezed my hand. “You did great….and you are looking fine down there. Now I’m going to rub on some soothing lotion to calm the skin.”

Oh my, the cool balm felt so good. The pain was subsiding. I already felt so clean and soft and fresh.

I didn’t hear Danny cry out or make a single noise. Did he chicken out?

I twisted my head to catch a peek. Oh my God! Tania had his balls in her mouth while he gripped the table, his cock straight up and tilted to one side slightly as he twisted his hips with pleasure. From my vantage point his thick, hard dick looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Julian rubbed his smooth hands over my breasts. “You survived. Now I just have to check my work.”

A shiver of anticipation ran through my body. “Check my work?” Holy fuck. I paid extra for sensual massage – I didn’t know that included…..this.

Oh….my….God. Julian began licking my bare cunt from bottom to top in slow, soft strokes of his tongue. He ran his hands around my ass and between my cheeks, sliding his fingers in and out of every little nook and cranny. The oil, his tongue, his warm, soft hands… fucking sexy. He looked up at me from between my legs and gave me a devilish wink before gliding his tongue swiftly across my swollen clit.

“Very nice,” he said softly. “Very, very nice. We did good. Time for your massage.”

As we eased back into our robes, Danny and I were silent, but his eyes said, “Holy fuck girlfriend, what kind of place did you bring me to?” I answered him back with a little shrug of my shoulders and a naughty grin.

The massage room was fucking incredible. The room was lit by black lights and filled with bouquets of glowing white orchids. We were instructed to lie on our stomachs on a soft king-sized futon covered with a racy black and white zebra striped sheet. Fine art nude photographs shot in infrared glowed three dimensional on the walls. The music was a slow industrial groove – something I’d never heard before, but it was very sensual in a grinding, rhythmic kind of way.

Again, Tania took Danny and Julian took me. They oiled their hands and began rubbing down our backs in unison. I held Danny’s hand as they stroked gently. It was so erotic to lie there next to him barely touching, knowing that he was feeling what I was feeling, only with female hands.

In unison, they turned us on our sides. They slipped out of their clothes and situated themselves beside us, naked, facing us. They instructed us to look into their eyes and began chanting a soft mantra as they traced their fingers, still synchronized, down our bodies – the touch as light as a feather. I could feel Danny’s slippery ass pressing against mine. Julian’s hands tickled across my face, down my neck, circling my breasts, slowly, slowly descending to my stomach and bare, soft pussy. Up and down, his butterfly winged fingers felt like a thousand kisses across my body. He and Tania chanted in harmony. I felt pulled into a sensual trance.

Slowly they pushed us onto our backs and began a faster massage on our chests and legs, stomachs and thighs. They leaned in and out with their bodies, becoming oily themselves as they worked us, their skin glowing against the sheets, the whole scene dreamlike. Then they began massaging our hips and between our thighs. I couldn’t help but moan when Julian slipped his fingers into my cunt and actually massaged my pussy while Tania gave Danny the balls rubdown of his life. The massage down there – it was like nothing I’d ever experienced – like hot molten sex all boiled down and concentrated and crashing over me like waves. God, it was just so amazing. There was nothing I could do to stop it. My back arched uncontrollably as Julian spun gold with his hands, the sensation of liquefied skin flowing unobstructed over my nakedness pulling me into a deep pool of ecstasy. Soon after, Danny reached his climax too, cumming hard, his cock held tightly between Tania’s wet, pillowy breasts, his cum like snow on her glowing cherry blossoms.

After a soothing wipe down with warm, moist towels, Tania and Julian turned to go.

“You have 30 minutes to center yourselves,” Tania said softly. “Thank you for allowing us to pleasure you today.” They bowed, hands folded, turned and walked out. Needless to say, we made good use of our “centering” time.

We went there three or four times. Then one day the phone was disconnected and the place abandoned. I’ve never found anyplace else like it, but I’ll never stop looking!
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Jeremy Edwards said...

All-over massages ... deliveries to our desks ... fluffy white rice ... you're spoiling us this week! (And please keep spoiling us.)

And each piece so distinct in tone and voice—truly masterful!

May I quote one of my very favorite moments in that beautifully choreographed "Still Life" masterpiece: "whatever it is, everything that it is ... " A perfect phrase in a perfect story.

KM said...

Gush -- thanks so much for your positive feedback -- very uplifting!