Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nut Busting 101: Girls got to have skills

You survive a shipwreck and can only take one item to shore with you. What do you take? The ship's hot Polynesian chef, of course. He spears some fish, then climbs the coconut tree so he can quench your thirst.....and bummer! He falls out from the tree and and is lying unconscious on the sand with your uncracked nut clenched in his hands.

No worries. Here's how to bust into that baby -- then you can revive your chef and get back to watching him cook for you.

1. With a hammer and screwdriver (that you find in the chef's apron pocket), pierce a hole in two of the eyes. Invert the coconut to drain the juice. With a hammer, tap the screwdriver until the nut breaks in two.

2. Set each half, flesh side down on a work surface (rock or counter, depending on where you shipwrecked!). Tap each piece with the hammer to break up.

3. Break the coconut into chunks with your hands. Then with a table knife, dislodge the meat from the shell.

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