Monday, May 5, 2008

Movie Night: Enough with the corny porn!

From Aphrodite Women's health, a well-written piece about a great sensual sex site for women that has something worth cheering for: a list of explicit movies directed by and targeted for women as well as men that are fun for couples to watch together.

Visit’s Decision Maker & check out the favorites below
(Hint! Use Libida's guide, but get better pricing at Sam's Store!)’s Favorite “Pleasuring Women” Movies
Bad WivesAVN’s Film of the Year for 1999, Bad Wives is the tantalizing tale of two bored and lonely wives who are determined to give their cheating husbands a taste of their own medicine.
InsatiableMarilyn Chambers stars as a sexually insatiable woman in one of adult's most famous films. Chambers acts out the fantasies of every woman who's ever wanted to submit, succumbing to a rough-handed gardener on a pool table while he whispers sexy scenarios in her ear. Lots of explicit, go-for-the gusto sex, from romantic to hardcore. A classic from 1980, this movie has stood the erotic test of time.
Taxi DancerTop-rated thriller combines great acting and rewind-worthy sex. Don’t miss the unforgettable lap dance and intense bathroom sex scene.’s Favorite “Made By Women” Movies
Eyes of Desire Part 2 – Candida RoyalleDirector Candida Royalle's lush, woman-focused style reaches perfection as a woman's forbidden fantasies are realized by a voyeuristic stranger. The on-screen couple are played by a very sexy real-life husband and wife, and the scenes range from tender toe-licking to taboo verbal demands, each one featuring a long build-up, teasing, foreplay, and an overflow of intimacy.
One Size Fits All – Candida RoyalleA raunchy purple dress becomes the ultimate sex toy in this female-directed sex comedy. The dress transforms five different women into irresistible sex kittens, and unfailingly inspires male lust. Director Candida Royalle manages to thread plot and passion into an erotic work of art.
Ecstatic MomentsThree vignettes up the ante of what constitutes women's erotica, combining the staples - sensuality, foreplay and a focus on women's pleasure - with more challenging content, making the taboo seem undeniably seductive and accessible.
2006 AVN Award Winners
AVN (Adult Video News) is the premier source of information on all things to do with the adult industry, and every year hosts a huge awards ceremony to reward all the hard (pardon the pun) work of adult movie makers. Kind of like the Oscars of Porn. This year, two movies stood out above the rest, taking home multiple awards and setting new benchmark standards in adult movies.
New Devil In Miss JonesPaul Thomas reimagines adult cinema's greatest masterpiece in a brand new DMJ that Adult Video News heralds as a milestone!
AVN Winner of: Best FilmBest Art Direction – FilmBest CinematographyBest Editing – FilmBest Screenplay – FilmBest Director - FilmBest Actress – Film Best Supporting Actress – FilmBest All-Girl Sex Scene
PiratesInteresting and emotional subplots are woven together to make a complex story of attraction, arousal and raucous sex.
AVN Winner of: Best Video FeatureBest Director – VideoBest Actor - Video Best Actress – Video Best Supporting Actor - VideoBest All-Girl Sex Scene - Video Best High-Definition ProductionBest Special EffectsBest MusicBest DVD

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