Thursday, April 24, 2008

Food Schmood

Play this fun game -- I'll have what she's having! What it all boils down to is what it leads up to! A guy who can cook while we watch, now that's some culinary spice. Speaking of which, if you've ever worked in a restaurant, you know that Chef's are a raunchy, adventurous, take-no-prisoners bunch.

Chef Anthony Bourdain explains the phenomenon best with his description of why he became a chef in his book Kitchen Confidential.

"One weekday, a large wedding party arrived, fresh from the ceremony: bride, groom, ushers, family and friends. Married up-Cape, the happy couple and party had come down to P-town for the celebratory dinner following, presumably, a reception.... Then the bride reappeared at the open Dutch door.

She was blonde and good-looking in her virginal wedding white, and she spoke closely with the chef for a few seconds; Bobby suddenly grinned from ear to ear, the sunburned crow's-feet at the corners of his eyes growing more pronounced. A few moments later she was gone again, but Bobby, visibly trembling, suddenly said, 'Tony! Watch my station,' and promptly scooted out the back door....Soon, all of us-Tommy, Lydia, the new dishwasher and I-were peering through the window, where in full view of his assembled crew, Bobby was noisily rearending the bride. She was bent obligingly over a 55-gallon drum, her gown hiked up over her hips.
Bobby's apron was up, resting over her back as he pumped away furiously, the young woman's eyes rolled up into her head, mouth whispering, 'Yess, yess . . . good . . . good . . .' While her new groom and family chawed happily on their flounder fillets and deep-fried scallops just a few yards away in the Dreadnaught dining room, here was the blushing bride, getting an impromptu send-off from a total stranger.
And I knew then, dear reader, for the first time: I wanted to be a chef."

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Anita said...

Oh jeez, the things that inspire people, eh? Funny.
Writer Chick