Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chocolate better than sex?

Surely they jest. The whole "women like chocolate better than sex" thing is a disgusting Republican plot. Food and sex we're getting somewhere.
Speaking of food fantasies, The Economist recently published an interesting report on sex and Chocolate. Those love crazy Greeks get all the action, but are too busy stuffing grape leaves to enjoy much chocolate. The Americans, well, we all know we need less food and more sex. The poor Japanese are really missing out. There must be a happy balance here somewhere!
The sexiness of chocolate actually isn't in devouring pounds of it, but in it's melting point, which is just below body temperature. Even more alluring is the fact that the fat crystals of well-made chocolate melt, slowly, gently transforming from solid to liquid, which interacts with the heat energy from your tongue, resulting in a tantalizing illusion of cooling in the mouth.
Leave it to the Italians to take sex and chocolate to the next level.

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